May 21, 2012
by J. Mark Miller (@jmarkmiller)

Writing Resource: The Idea Bird

I’d don’t have much of a post planned for today. This post is actually something of an afterthought, really. I was neck deep in revisions all weekend. I set myself a minimum goal of revising 10,000 words from Friday through … Continue reading


May 3, 2012
by J. Mark Miller (@jmarkmiller)

Is it Just Me? – Pondering the Quality of Writer’s Resources

This post may sound a bit pretentious. I don’t mean for it to, but I think it may be taken that way. Bear with me. I’m sort of musing aloud here, but I’ve noticed something troubling, at least to me. … Continue reading


April 30, 2012
by J. Mark Miller (@jmarkmiller)
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Tools in my Writing Workflow

I’ve been seriously writing stories since high school. Back in those days, my writing tools consisted of my imagination, a college ruled spiral notebook, a pen, and copious amounts of Wite-Out. It goes without saying the times have changed. Gone … Continue reading